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Medical-surgical nursing is one of the first subjects nursing students take, and it challenges them to put what they've learned about pharmacology, pathophysiology, and health assessment into practice.

This session focuses on disease processes and how a nurse can best care for a particular patient. Furthermore, medical-surgical exams include critical-thinking and NCLEX-style problems. Exams in other subjects, on the other hand, were mostly made up of "fact" based questions.

Make Sure You're Not Making These Medical-Surgical Nursing Mistakes

Reading every chapter word-for-word is a waste of time!

This isn't feasible since most medical-surgical texts are enormous and contain much too much information to grasp. You must understand the fundamental ideas!

Make sure you know how to answer NCLEX Style questions.

Not sure how to respond to NCLEX study questions?

Memorizing information rather than comprehending

A student can remember dates and key events, but in medical-surgical school, you must comprehend how a disease process impacts the body. You'll be able to see why the patient has those specific symptoms and why the nurse is administering those precise nursing treatments once you've done this.

Not devoting enough time to studying!
Developing time to study will be easier if you learn how to keep organized in nursing school. Medical-surgical nursing is one of those subjects that need more study time!


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The Secrets to Medical-Surgical Nursing Success

Some instructors will provide you with a study guide prior to an exam that contains significant key themes that will be covered on the exam. Don't dismiss this information since it is frequently quite useful.
Create a study strategy for each item on the study guide, and utilize a study guide book to help you break down the main topics.

Prior to the exam, practice a lot of NCLEX-style questions!

If the test will include diabetes insipidus, Addison disease, and Cushing's syndrome, for example, practice NCLEX questions on the endocrine system and study rationales for what you got right and incorrect. On your lecture test, you'll notice that many of the same ideas will be repeated.

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