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Landscape 8.5" x 11"

Portrait 8.5" x 11"


About this Product


This study template is awesome for organizing your notes! The best way to remember concepts is to write them down. Instead of reading a boring textbook, write your notes while reading instead. 


Taking notes is faster, easier and helps to organize your thought process with a great template! This bundle includes 4 pages of different templates. Templates included are a Medication Blank Page, Diagnostic Procedure Blank Page, System Disorder Blank Page and Note Taking Blank Page. 


Medication Blank Page which will include: 

  • Generic Name, Brand Name, Drug Class, Suffix/Prefix, Action, Therapeutic Use, Complications, Administration, Contraindications, Evaluation of Effectiveness, Nursing Actions, Patient Education


Diagnostic Procedure Blank Page which will include: 

  • Description of Procedure, Indications, Nursing Interventions, Interpretation of findings, client education, nursing actions and Patient Education


System Disorder Blank Page which will include: 

  • Disease, pathology, signs and symptoms, causes, treatment, nursing actions,  Patient Education


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Check back as new study guides are added often!


PLEASE NOTE: Your program and facility materials may differ on normal ranges, labs, etc. Always follow your course and facility instructions.


This is a Digital Download PDF. No physical product will be shipped.

Med Surg Blank Note Taking

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