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Medical Surgical Test Questions Set 4

Here's the newest set of a free nursing test bank on our website. These questions are not NCLEX style BUT is a great assessment to test your general knowledge on medical surgical topics.

Answers are provided for free via download.

1. The physician has explained to the patient that he has developed diabetic neuropathy in his right foot. Later that day the patient calls the nurse and asks what causes diabetic neuropathy. What would be the nurse's best response?

2. The nurse is caring for a patient diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. When assessing this patient, what symptom would the nurse expect in a patient with hypothyroidism?

3. A 37 y/o male patient presents at the emergency department complaining of nausea and vomiting and severe abdominal pain. While the nurse is assessing the patient, the patient’s wife informs the nurse that the patient had ingested 24 ounces of alcohol last evening. The patient's abdomen is rigid, and there is bruising to the patient's flank. What is the patient exhibiting signs of ?

4. The nurse is assessing a patient with Graves' disease. What physical characteristics of Graves' disease would the nurse expect to find?

5. A student asks the pathophysiology instructor what causes ascites. What would the instructor tell the student is involved in the physiologic process that causes ascites?

A. Sodium and water retention

B. A damaged liver

C. Insufficient renal flow

D.Increased lymphatic flow

E. Decreased synthesis of Immunoglobulin G

6. What defines pancreatitis as acute?

7. A patient is prescribed corticosteroid therapy. What would be important information for the nurse to give the patient who is prescribed corticosteroid therapy?

8. A patient returns to the floor after a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The nurse caring for the patient is aware that the most serious potential complication is what?

9. A local public health nurse is informed that a cook in a local restaurant has been diagnoses with hepatitis A. What should the nurse advise individuals who ate at his restaurant and have never received the hepatitis A vaccine?

10. The nurse is teaching a newly diagnosed diabetic about his insulin regimen. When administering Humalog insulin the nurse should teach the patient what?

Medical Surgical Test Questions Set 4
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